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This is when someone living at home in the community visits the care home occasionally or each week either relaxing on their own or in the company of friends. Potential service users are often able to take advantage of a free day care session in order to get to know the home.

Holidays and Short Stays (Respite)

This is short stay care provided by professionals. Short stays also offer carers the chance of a break, with the peace of mind that their loved one is in safe hands.

Our staff can assist individuals with their care needs, enabling you to relax in a warm and friendly surrounding. Whilst with us, you can use all of the homes facilities, enjoy a meal and if you wish, participate in our programme of activities. We are also able to offer assisted bathing facilities, and offer a laundry service.

Domiciliary Home Care

Also known as Home care services or care in the community, this is when a carer goes round to a person’s home to assist with general daily activities that may no longer be easily carried out. They may visit for any amount of time depending on what level of care is required and it is charged by the hour. In cases where live in care is needed the carer will live in the home 24 hours a day and provide permanent assistance.

Domiciliary care allows an individual to retain a level of independence in a house which is likely special to them but can provide the piece of mind that there is someone to help them do the general day to day activities that we take for granted. The alternative is for them to go into a care home which will involve them leaving their home. However since Ark Care Services are care home owners, when the time comes the transition will not be so traumatic as they will be looked after by the same umbrella company.

We are pleased to announce that Ark Care Services is now registered and approved by the Care Quality regulatory authority to deliver Domiciliary Care to the elderly over 65 years of age.

We would be proud to support you and your loved one in delivering personal care in the comfort of their own space.

Residential Care

Residential care gives the elderly in the care home 24hours care, peace of mind, safety, food, fun and fellowship. We ask the service user for their life story to build a picture of their preferences, lifestyle, history, family, likes and dislikes. This will help the carers develop a care plan which details the daily living needs and how best to support the individual to remain independent to maintain or improve their lifestyle.

Dementia Care

We care for individuals living with dementia by supporting and responding to the opportunity to build on their strength and minimise the impact of the illness. We have also made some subtle changes and adaptations to the care home.

The lounge/dining has art on the walls to reinforce the function of the room. In the dinning section food related pictures are displayed to provide visual clues not only as to the function of the room, but also to stimulate and maintain the desire to eat.

The lighting has been upgraded to reduce the effects of shadows and odd lighting which can induce fear and paranoia in service users with dementia.

Highly visible signs are at the care home to provide an effective and essential way-finding function. The signage adds significantly to the support of service user’s independence and security. This in turn contributes to a tangible reduction in dependence and has a positive effect on confidence and lowering of anxiety.

The designs provides a picture (of a bed, toilet, bath, clothes, garden, etc) within the graphic area and the word bedroom, toilet, bathroom, clothes, garden etc in bold with large text against a bright background colour.

We also have functional and easily visible range of crockery to facilitate ease of use by service users with dementia. Providing assistance to eat and drink independently encourages higher levels of independence thereby contributing to dignity and self-esteem.